Cycling at Spain

In this post I bring you a little portion of my native country, Spain. The Southwestern Europe country houses some of Europe’s greatest climbs and is consider a mecca for many roadies. The combination of two important ingredients for cyclism, such as the dominant Mediterranean climate, characterised by warm/hot and dry summers, and the good routes to ride, make this country a must to go for cycling enthusiasts. Spain’s vast and diverse landscape will have you begging for new cycling destinations to tick off in your bucket list.

Cycling at France

If you have arrived here searching for something, maybe it is because you, like me, love endurance sports. In this post I am going to talk about other of my passion, road cycling. It does not matter if you consider yourself a climber, or sprinter, or even an occasionaly rider who wants to know more about your surroundings. My passion to cycling came to me in 2014, motivated for an old childhood friend.